Creative DIY Shelving Solutions Ideas from Recycled Materials

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When decorating a home, it’s not always possible to invest in the little details and then make a purchase. Because that’s when DIY projects come into play to help decorate your home even better. This also includes DIY shelving solutions that will save your budget and be stylish in your own home. You can reuse household items that you no longer use.

Creative DIY Shelving Solutions Ideas from Recycled Materials

Creative DIY Shelving Solutions Ideas from Recycled Materials

Repurposed materials will make you more efficient and practical. Recycled shelves can turn walls into useful storage space and provide an attractive design. With a little imagination and DIY skills, you can turn many materials into customized shelves that only you will have.

Cupboard Drawers

If you have a cupboard that you no longer use, you can follow Emily from Namely Original. She made an adorable DIY shelf using dresser drawers. You can find the wall studs using a stud finder, then attach the drawers. You can do this by moving the fasteners through the bottom through the wall or installing them in the corner of the dresser box.

Colored Pencils

A variation on Normal, Dominic makes a colorful DIY shelf with just colored pencils. Two layers of pencils are glued together with their tips pointing outwards. The shelf bracket is made from an adorable pencil case and you can cut the ruler in half for support. This shelf can add a perfect and unique addition to a room like a craft room.


The Crafted Sparrow, Rebecca made a cheap skateboard into an electric DIY shelf for her son’s room. You can use the idea for your room. Using this board doesn’t need to change its look either. You just need to mount it on the wall with L brackets and add some cool little decorations on it.

Fruit Basket

The next DIY shelving solutions can use fruit baskets. Not only can you place them on the kitchen counter, but fruit baskets can also be the perfect place for other items. For example, like flowers by using vertical wall space. All you need is a strong rope, nails, and a fruit basket. Simply tie the fruit basket together with the rope and then mount it on the chosen wall.

Wooden Tray

Ronja from Nur Noch transforms wooden trays into attractive wall shelves. The project starts with sawing the trays in half lengthwise using a circular saw. One end was cut in half from each tray. Then, you can put the cut edges together to form a long, narrow shelf. Then you can attach the shelf to the wall with fasteners that you can push through the back edge to the posts.

Belt on the Shelf

Nur Noch blogger Ronja provides a clever idea that is easy to make and cheap. You only need a wooden board and an old suede or leather belt. This old leather belt acts as a strap that supports the wood. These are some ideas for DIY shelving solutions that you can try at home for cheap.