DIY Plant Displays Ideas for a Charming Living Room

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In this modern era, the use of DIY plant displays has become a popular trend in the world of interior decoration. Green plants not only provide a beautiful look but also give your living room a fresh and lively feel.

DIY Plant Displays

DIY Plant Displays, Get a Beautifully Enchanting Interior

If you want to bring a touch of nature into your home, here are some plant display ideas for the living room that will make your room look more charming.

Hanging Plant Shelves

Hanging plant shelves are the perfect idea to maximize your vertical space. You can make a plant rack out of wood, iron pipes, or rope. Then, hang potted plants on this rack, and you’ll have a beautiful and space-saving display.

Paper Boxing Tree

Make a paper boxing tree with leaves that you make yourself from colored paper. Place this boxing tree in a pot or vase to give your living room a timeless spring feel.

Terrarium Collection

This is also a DIY plant displays idea. Because terrariums are a beautiful way to display plants in a transparent glass container. You can make a terrarium with pieces of old glass or unused vases. Then, fill the terrarium with succulents or other small plants.

DIY Paint Flower Pot

Give your flower pots a personal touch by painting them yourself. You can use old pots or look for unique pieces at thrift stores. Paint the pots with patterns or colors that match your living room decor.

Plant Ladder Rack

A plant ladder rack is a smart way to display your plant collection. You can make a ladder rack from recycled pallet wood or buy a ready-made one. Next, arrange the plants on each rung of the shelf to create a dynamic display.

Plant Wall Decor

Add a green element to your living room wall with a plant wall hanging. You can make your own with a wooden frame and appropriate wire mesh. Then, plant hanging plants like ivy or air plants on this wall hanging.

Mini Cactus Collection

Mini cacti are a popular choice in DIY houseplants. You can grow them in small pots that are perfect for placing on shelves, tables, or window sills. A mini cactus collection will give your living room an exotic desert touch.

Plant Message Board

Use a message board to display hanging plants or succulents. You can hang them on your living room wall or side table to create an interactive and unique display.

DIY plant displays are the perfect way to give your living room a fresh and beautiful feel. Moreover, they can be a relaxing creative project. Try any of the ideas above to create a living room full of life and beauty. Don’t forget to take good care of your plants to keep them thriving and beautifying your space.