Unique DIY Decoration Inspiration to Make Home Walls More Aesthetic

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Unique DIY decoration inspiration can certainly help to make your home interior look more attractive. The house is a place of return so it is not surprising that we do various things to design it so that it becomes the most comfortable place to return home to. Buying the various furniture you need is one way to make your house feel comfortable.

There are so many interior design inspirations nowadays, of course, it also makes it easier for us to make this house into our dream home. But in reality, decorating the walls of the house is not an easy thing to do. This is a challenge in itself.

Even though nowadays we can also get inspiration from social media. One way is to imitate DIY decorations or mix and match the items we have so that later they can be used as more beautiful wall decorations.

Unique DIY Decoration Inspiration

Some Unique DIY Decoration Inspiration

Maybe some people prefer to use a minimalist interior design. But recently the use of DIY decorations has also increased and gone viral.

The uniqueness of using these decorations is that they are not found anywhere because we are the ones who create them ourselves. So according to our wishes and needs. Some uses of this decoration can also help to decorate the walls of the house. What do you think? Below is a complete explanation.


For the first inspiration, there is Dreamcatcher. Know that Dreamcatchers are the most suitable recommendation for those of you who like minimalist but simple designs.

Because the use of this decoration is not excessive but still looks beautiful and elegant when installed on the wall. Especially if the thread used in the dreamcatcher is white.

Coupled with the use of macrame techniques, it gives a very attractive and unique handmade impression. However, you don’t need to worry if you are later interested in using a dreamcatcher in another color.

Woven Basket

The choice of using DIY decorations can also be realized by using unique woven baskets. The use of these baskets creates earth-tone colored wall decorations. You can get inspiration from online stores or buy from the market.

To add an aesthetic impression, you can add tassels. The aim is to make the woven material look more stunning and amazing to anyone who looks at it.

Dried Flowers Frame

The empty walls of the house can also be aesthetically pleasing by using DIY decorations in the form of frames filled with dried flowers. What does this mean, do we have to dry the flowers first? Aren’t non-genuine flowers being sold at the market? Why not just take advantage of that? Isn’t the price also cheap?

Actually, for dried flowers with a frame, this is a creative idea. When you don’t want to lose, you can dry the flowers yourself.

Then after that, the flowers are attached to a clear frame. This will make the empty wall look more attractive and luxurious.

You need to know that this farmer’s art can also easily made at home. When you prefer to dry your flowers, they can also be customized with your favorite flower choices.

Circle Shelf

You can also use painted circular shelves. The method is also quite easy. First, you have to paint a large circle on the wall. Only after that add shelves in a vertical arrangement to add dimension and interest.

Place mini-sized items. Examples can be photos or miniatures flower vases and others. Also, make sure the Mini items have an attractive pattern.

The paint choice is up to your wishes. For example, if you like cream, you can paint it in another cream color. Don’t be afraid to create your own home interior design. One of them can be realized using several unique DIY decoration inspirations suitable for filling empty walls in the house.