6 DIY Bedroom Decor Decorations for Tiny Rooms

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Here are some simple DIY bedroom decor decorations that you can try to apply to perfect your bedroom interior!

When it comes to creating a cozy bedroom interior design, it’s not just about the bed! Bedroom decorations also play an important role to help liven up the atmosphere and support various functions and activities that occur in the bedroom.

For those of you who want to invest more in bedroom decoration, the fact is that presenting a good bedroom decoration is not always expensive. With your creativity, you can also make your own DIY bedroom creation that are not only cheap, but also have a higher aesthetic and artistic value.

DIY Bedroom Decor

DIY Bedroom Decorations, Sleep Better with DIY Night Lights

In addition to a quality mattress, one of the bedroom decorations that can help make sleep more comfortable is by presenting a bedroom lamp as your bedroom decoration.

To make a beautiful bed lamp is not a difficult thing. You can use some glass jars filled with lights and decorated with flowers or other decorations. Although it looks simple, in fact this bedroom decoration is very functional and effective to make the bedroom cooler.

Decorating Bedroom with 3D Wall Sticker

Wall stickers have long been an option for bedroom wall decorations to make empty walls come alive.

However, to make your bedroom walls even livelier, you can utilize your origami skills and make your own three-dimensional wall stickers as bedroom decorations. Besides being easy and very practical to make, this DIY bedroom decoration is also very cheap. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying it out, right?

Hanging Shelves for Your Accessories

The bedroom is a very personal space so sometimes there are many personal things and objects scattered in the bedroom, such as accessories and small trinkets. However, don’t let these things make your bedroom cluttered.

If you have a similar problem, this DIY bedroom decor can really be your reference. By transforming an old box and a little creativity, a beautiful hanging shelf is ready to become your bedroom decoration.

Simple Hanging Figura for Bedroom Decoration

Love selfies and photos? Make your best photos a part of your bedroom decor. Apart from using photo frames that are neatly arranged on the bedroom wall in the form of a photo frame collage, bedroom decorations like this one can also be an alternative to transforming all your photos into unique and attractive bedroom decorations.

The way to realize this DIY bedroom decoration is also not difficult. Just give a paper frame to the photos you have printed. Then hang the photos on a string with a clamp. A simple but beautiful bedroom decoration is ready to decorate your bedroom!

Hanging Bedroom Decor

For those of you who have origami skills, this is another cool bedroom decoration inspiration that you can make using various paper folding techniques. You can hang various ornaments from origami on the back of the bed or above the bed to give your room a more lively feel.

Simple Dressing Room from Used Wooden Boxes

If you have an old wooden box, utilize it as a simple dresser. Combine it with a full-length mirror and you’ve got yourself a cute corner to apply makeup in your bedroom.

With creativity and a little extra effort, there are tons of things around you that can be transformed into interesting DIY bedroom decorations. Enhance your bedroom decor with wall hangings, furniture, and interior knick-knacks.