Attractive Eco Living Interior Design Inspiration, Healthier and Comfortable

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Houses with eco living interior design are now starting to become a necessity for modern society. The reason is, with the eco living concept, people will get housing with an environmentally friendly concept.

In other words, eco living is a modern living concept that is also environmentally friendly. In this case, people can create open and energy efficient house designs.

eco living interior design

Attractive Eco Living Interior Design Inspiration

In general, housing with an eco living concept refers to utilizing nature’s potential as maximally as possible. Apart from that, it also implements a sustainable lifestyle in it.

Carrying the concept of eco living in housing can certainly provide many benefits. The house will be healthier, more comfortable and healthier.

Apart from that, this concept is also a real action in preserving the environment. Some eco living interior design inspirations that you can apply include:

Geopolymer Concrete

This material seems to be quite foreign to the ears of some people. However, you need to know that geopolymer concrete is a material that is quite environmentally friendly.

Apart from that, it has also begun to be used in the construction of several buildings. This can be a substitute material to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Geopolymer concrete is concrete that comes from a mixture of inorganic polymers and fly ash. This concrete is very useful in reducing industrial waste and CO2 gas emissions.

In Indonesia, fly ash can be taken from coal waste. The more fly ash used in construction, the more affordable the price will be. This is because the amount of existing fly ash waste is still quite abundant.

Global Style Home Decoration

Global style is a home design that has a theme of celebrating cultural diversity by introducing vintage floor mats or carpets originating from Middle Eastern countries. Like Türkiye or Morocco.

This design also features traditional African sculptures displayed on storage shelves. Apart from cultural diversity, this style can also help maintain sustainability, namely by using recycled materials and crafts made by local craftsmen.

These crafts can take the form of cloth and wood carvings that can be used as home decoration. You can realize this style without having to ignore the comfort in the house.


Hempcrete concrete is environmentally friendly concrete that comes from biocomposite materials and a mixture of hemp and lime.

This concrete is quite popular as Canobiote, Canosmose, and Iso Chanvre.Apart from that, you can also recycle hempcrete concrete into fertilizer.

In carrying out eco living interior design, you are also carrying out the concept of paying attention to natural sustainability. An environmentally friendly home design will certainly have an impact on the health and well-being of its residents.