Video Platform for All Your Business Needs

Enterprise videos are effective and efficient tools of communication for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Videos are being used for trainings, product launches, demos, sale and much more. An enterprise usually needs to go through various videos and sites to find the right video. A powerful search engine which looks onto various videos in an instant is the savior of the day. Time is money for an enterprise and efficiency plus effectiveness saves money and time.

A video platform for a business acts as a point of contact between the enterprise and its customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Video generation is an extensive task which needs to be prepared well in advance. It requires the enterprise video platform a prerequisite. Video generation involves preparing quality content. The content needs to focus on the users and must be suited to their requirement. Whether you have one LMS or multiple-learning portals, video tech is the backbone.

In the process of video generation, interactivity tools enables the enterprise video platform to be customer-friendly. Content Distribution Network is one of the distinguishing features of enterprise video platform. It enables distribution of multimedia content to numerous users in a single go. Latency, buffering and patency loss are kept at a minimum,

On publishing the video, it is important to know the data analytics. This can be tricky for an enterprise to keep a track of. Data analytics in video platform for business includes getting to know the effectiveness of the video so published. VideoCentral provides actionable insights with who, what, where, how much of your video usage. You can use this data to get feedback on quality of your content, manage compliance to a process or realign your efforts in order to distribute the video content effectively. VideoCentral shows you data in beautiful dashboards or allows you to export it into detailed reports. Even if you already have an analytics aggregator application in your organization, VideoCentral can integrate with it and feed all the necessary data using APIs.

Further, the video platform for business must be a secure platform to ensure integrity, confidentiality and authenticity. Enterprises usually deal with sensitive information part from public information. It might include business plans, contract deals, medical records and much more. Therefore, encryption and domain restriction are of vital importance. Multi-level access for user management helps overcome this obstacle. Corporate tech platforms often have to manage access credentials for a wide range of users. Some employees may have unrestricted access, while others are only able to access certain content.

Another important feature for an enterprise video platform is content categorization. It is important to respect the time of your customers and employees. This is a golden rule to grab the attention of your stakeholders. Organize your content into channels and playlist to be user-friendly.

Enterprise users often require custom-built applications and integrations for streamlined video operations. This is enabled by APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces.APIs enable some great things, such as becoming a video platform reseller, creating custom video portals, or building apps around your streaming or on-demand video content. APIs also ease integration with databases of all sorts.

The VideoStack completely takes away the complexity in adding digital video to your apps. As a developer, you get rich API access to scalable video cloud services, search index, a player you can brand, catalog index, view analytics, and an embeddable live broadcast capability. Cut the budget and the time to market for adding video to your digital experience.