Staffing Agency Contingency Management

Staffing agencies role is not limited only to peace time literary, its major challenge is contingency management for its partner companies. Staff shortages, high turnover industries, corona casualties, peak season demand, new project sign up and other emergencies can create vacancies and up the demand for right person in the right place.

Hence recruitment is not a onetime activity for companies old and new, and most certainly for startups. The key positions that impact the outcomes can be most unstable due to constant head hunting by rivals. Hence collecting profiles of prospective talents should not be limited to credentials and accreditation from random sources, the ability to gauge talent using technology and assessment techniques is of utmost importance. This means having professionals on board that can go beyond this and assess skills, core competence, and abilities of the prospective talent. They should also be judged for their technical skills with scalable abilities as regards the emerging technologies. The candidate’s behavioral traits and culture are important as well for being suitable in company’s work environment.

Digital solutions are key to the screening processes apart from storing and quickly retrieving the information. The technology driven approach combined with old fashioned skill hunting can deliver the right punch a partner company would require as a contingency management solution. This means professionals on board the agency should be well versed with relevant technology in use for staffing and at the same time have wide scale recruitment skills.

Whence searching of technical recruits, it is of immense importance that the selectors should have a deep understanding of the technology or should have technical assessment or evaluation programs which auto check the candidates grasp of the subject. In fact most of the technical recruits land with prospective jobs on the basis of their technical skills. But for talent search this not the end as qualities stated above are also brought under deep assessment.

Hence for talent acquisition a multi pronged approach is a must along with a comprehensive understanding about what the partner desires. Hence a dedicated team member associated with the partner is a prerequisite. He or she should be able to garner clear cut position and personality description and forward it to the selection team.

The next step is to integrate comprehensive process in order to find the right fit for the desired position. In case of contingency staffing time management is an imperative. The agency should carry out its prerequisites processes beforehand.