Choice of a Package Forwarding Service

A package forwarding service can offer many services. The services include removal of invoice, help with the customs procedures, the contents of the parcel, and shipment consolidation. A package forwarding service should be very fast and very reliable and the customer care should always be outstanding. Professionalism should always be upheld regardless of where the package is coming from and where it is going.

Many shoppers in the world shop from different countries and sometimes they require the package forwarded to them in the smoothest manner. This has many advantages, but there is still a need to choose the best forwarding services that will give you value for money and fast and efficient services.

Some factors need consideration when you are making your decision. They include:

Membership and the ongoing fees

Many package companies have a setup fee that is required as you create an account. There are also those that charge some monthly fees. If yours is a one time kind of delivery, this may not be cost effective for you. However, if you need to ship every other month, such a service provider can help you save. Weigh your shipping needs and then decide on whether you prefer a long-term relationship with the forwarding company or you simply need a one time gig.

Package and repackaging consolidation

When you have different packages from different shops, they arrive at the forwarder’s office separately. It is better to have a forwarding service that takes time to repackage them and consolidate them. This can affect the shipping fee, but is necessary for someone who wants many parcels sent to him or her.

The shipping rates

Every company has its own shipping rate. When you have a forwarder who uses different companies, there is a chance that you will find a service that will be according to the budget you are working within. When monthly fees are involved, you can get discounts on the shipping fees.

Personal shopping

There are shoppers who have a hard time making payment for things they have bought outside the country. This is especially when they do not have any credit card. In many cases, forwarders can offer a personal shopper to concierge services. In such a case, the shopping will be bought on your behalf and payment made from the account. In such a case, a percentage is charged for the shopping done.


You should take time to go through the package forwarder reviews left by the customers. It will let you know how other people found the services rendered by the forwarder. This helps with decision-making.

There are some restrictions on some companies. It is important to check that everything that you want to be shipped to you meets the standards and most of the items by the forwarder. It also has to be within the laws of the countries involved.

It is wise to take your time before you settle for a forwarder. By so doing, you protect yourself and the things that you want to ship to you.