The Importance of Outsourcing Services

Does your company usually outsource services? To clean the office, the rooms and other dependencies of the building, clean the furniture, the bathrooms, finally, you hire a whole team of people for this purpose? The moto boy, who does the external services of your company, is also your employee? In today’s world of business, a company needs to focus only on its end purpose.

Outsourcing services, such as cleaning, for example, is a necessity, aiming for economy in general and for the convenience and convenience that this provides. The hired cleaning company will be responsible for providing the employees and pay their salaries, will also provide the cleaning products, personal protective equipment of their workers, will ensure the smooth running of the work and, finally, deliver a service with the quality expected by your company, who will be the contractor. I mentioned cleaning services because it is my type of business or my business activity. However, in my view, this applies to any activity that should not be the concern of companies that do not engage in these activities, but need someone to do for them, as they need the work done.

But you have to make sure that the outsourced company that will be hired to do some service within your company, whatever the reason, because a wrong choice can give you headaches. Just to give an example, here in Brazil, at least, if an employee of an outsourced company does not receive his salary, he can trigger the contracting company in the Labor Court, as co-responsible for the payments that this worker would be entitled to.

Your company already has its own stationary, with which you have to worry. It’s neither fair nor convenient for you to be held responsible for paying employees of another company, is that right? If your company decided to outsource a service, it’s precisely because you wanted to get rid of a problem and not to create a new one. But anywhere in the world there are bad companies that cannot be trusted, badly managed, but of course there are good, quality companies that will solve your problem and your need, providing you with a good service and a fair price.

Establishing the partnership, with mutual trust, is now only to give continuity.

Each one doing what he knows and for which he proposes.

** I apologize for the grammatical imperfection of my text, because I do not speak English and I had to use Google Translate. I’m happy if it was possible to understand. Thank you.