The Perks Of Being A Virtual Assistant

1. Skills (Good Communication Skills)

We noticed that every time we apply to a particular kind of job we always see the word “good communication skills.” However, few people don’t have the talent to show or to enhance their skills through communication because they are afraid commenting mistakes.

When we decided to choose this kind of career we have to think about what skills we have to offer. How to showcase our different talents. If we have few skills or job description, better we have to invest to boost our knowledge. Learning is non-stop. But, it all relies on us.

It’s a two-way kind of communication. For me, building rapport is more likely to be the most crucial things to do. But again, this is how the “task” is getting more comfortable aside from pressure. We don’t have to say we know all the stuff, but instead, we have to be honest with our clients that we don’t do or easy to say ‘no I don’t.’

2. Resourceful

If we are a newcomer, it’s tough for us to find a good source. But, if we know how to use our communication and searching skills, then we can see a good prospect in the long run.

3. Character (Attitude)

Being a Virtual Assistant is where we can say ‘test your limit.’ On how to deal the circumstances that we will face shortly after. If we are reliable, organized, understanding (patient), trustworthy or honest, professionalism (accessible, proactive, approachable, problem-solver, self-motivated) resilient of the task given to us by our clients.

4. Time Management

We should be more efficient to give the time of our work, being multitasking. It is also a factor to consider when working. Create a routine. Schedule our calendar like a to-do-list. Without it, every plan we made will destroy in no time. It will show how we will manage our productivity within the day. Few minor modifications on how we used our time, we can change how we supervised our schedule. Completing one step toward each goal is an excellent start.

5. Working Alone

It is commoner to a freelancer or home-based kind of work. It is more about all by yourself routine. But the best thing is, we are our owned boss. No annoying office mates, no pressure to a strict boss and more importantly, we can work whenever, whatever we like. Hassle free. We don’t have to be conscious of our OOTD (outfit of the day); we can work even if we just woke up from the bed. Working alone is a creative process. Furthermore, working alone using few trusted clients, in this, we keep a tight lid on our task or job. It made us a better builder because we are working on our own.

Few of many factors to consider, but we don’t have to limit ourselves to the possibility to learn aside from our stock knowledge. We should have the willingness to learn. Most importantly, our passion for what we love doing.