The Importance Of Having A Safe In Each Hotel Room

Having a safe in each hotel room is favorable by all accounts. First and foremost, if guests stay for a couple of days in your hotel, they often want to place their valuable belongings in a very safe place. A safe is perfect for that. For example, this includes their passport, luxury items, a watch, keys, some cash, credit card, etc.

If your hotel does not offer a safe in every room, your guests will probably hand their passport over to the receptionist, as the reception seems to be the safest place in the hotel.

A safe in every room offers more advantages than the ones that are obvious. Whilst inserting all the details of your accommodation in an OTA’s platform, you will find the following question: Does your accommodation offer a safe in each room? Offering a safe makes a difference. Indeed, many people have had the experience of losing something while they stayed in a hotel without a safe in the room. If something gets lost in a room it is very difficult to prove if somebody stole something or if the guest just lost it somewhere else. Certainly, the guests will primarily accuse the cleaner.

In order to avoid such accusations, you need to have a safe in every room. That is the best solution for everyone. You are actually doing your staff a huge favor by offering your guests a safe too. Of course, guests can still accuse your staff of having stolen something, but you can at least give your guests the opportunity to store their belongings in a safe place.

If you have more than 100 rooms it is quite an investment, but you can start with twenty and augment month after month.

By and large, your guests will absolutely appreciate that you offer a safe in every room. It shows that you are attentive and that you care about your guests’ comfort. A safe is a service and as you know, the more useful services you add to your accommodation, the more your guests will appreciate them and the higher you’ll rank on OTAs.

Nowadays, you can purchase one safe for around 30 €. That is not too expensive if you look at the impression you make on your guests. Your regular guests will be impressed by this upgrade too and they will certainly mention it to you.

Safes are absolutely worth it and they are very useful. Your staff will feel more facilitated too. Do your accommodation and everybody involved in your business -> this favor and implement a safe in each room.