Is There Really a Successful Online Business Building Formula?

Looking for an effective online business building formula?

No matter the type of business you have, no matter your market, there are some key factors that you absolutely NEED TO HAVE in place if you want to make your business successful. One of the first is that you absolutely need to make people aware of how you can help them solve a problem. This can be done via advertising, social media, direct invitation, etc…

The rest of that story is that we need to understand most people simply do not make a purchasing decision on their first exposure to any offer.

Look around your home, office, or room, right now. Take a look at the stuff you have. Chances are, most of the time you made the decision to buy that product after a number of exposures. You saw the ad repeatedly. Maybe you asked for some opinions. Maybe you shopped around. When you reached a point of feeling comfortable with the product itself and the supplier, you made the decision to buy.

In most cases, it takes 5 – 10 exposures before someone makes the decision to purchase. For this reason, the idea that you can just send people to your web site and expect them to place an order is simply not productive.

The successful online business building formula goes beyond just getting people to your web site. Once someone gets to your web site, the key is to capture their information for further follow up. Offer them some sort of enticement such as a free report, free sample, white paper, PDF download, etc… in exchange for their name and email. When they fill out your form, they are added to your database for future follow-up. This is where the real selling process begins.

Once they are in your database, you can follow up with them. You can show them how you can help them solve a problem, save money, have a better experience, get results, etc… Your autoresponder begins following up to show them how well you know the problem and the solution. As your readers begin to feel they know you, like you, and event trust you, they can begin to feel comfortable making a decision to buy from you or partner with you.

The simplest way for me to explain the successful online business building formula is:

Expose them to you and your message, and get permission from them to tell tell them more. Capture them into a database, and then follow up with them EARNING their trust, and reminding them that you have the ideal solution to one of their SERIOUSLY painful problems.

When you become proficient and building your list and building that relationship, your business begins growing.